Architectural Aluminium Systems

CB Solutions are approved fabricators for Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems. Our windows and doors are available Secured By Design certified. CB Solutions can offer a full design service in addition to manufacture, supply and installation and have been supplying to the modular and construction industry in excess of 20 years. Our typical projects include education establishments, NHS buildings, hotel and leisure facilities, student accommodation and many more.

Windows – COMAR 5Pi Advance

Aluminium Comar window wall

COMAR 5Pi Advance meets architectural demands with low U-values (0.94 w/mwK), slim sight lines for both the casement and tilt/turn, large glazing pocket for acoustic glass secured by design (PAS 24:2012). COMAR 5Pi Advanced casement offers both internal and external beaded options and has been tested with new vent profiles and achieves 600Pa on both Air and Water (BS 6375).

Curtain Walling – COMAR 6

Aluminium window wall Comar

Comar 6 provides a range of transoms and mullions with 50mm sight-line.
Design options include a variety of cover-caps with fifteen facade options, including bull noses for frame horizontal facade.
For facetted curtain walls, corner mullions are adjustable from 15° to 145°. This means that roof-glazing applications such as barrel vaults, pyramids and sloped glazing can be achieved from the same profile range.
Comar 6 has two forms of construction: stick build and ladder frame.
Glazing options include;

  • Mirrored
  • Tinted
  • Opaque

To allow panels and glass of different widths to integrate into the same curtain wall, without the need to step-cut the panels, Comar have specifically designed a range of gaskets and pressure plates to provide glazing options of 3mm to 50mm.

Doors – COMAR 7Pi

COMAR 7Pi is designed specifically for fabricators and developed through design concepts, providing combinations such as sliding, patio, sliding / folding, rebated, swing, Armoured Glass (A.G) and pivot doors.
Comar 7Pi polyamide insulated doors.
Where U-values are required, Comar 7Pi offers maximum thermal efficiency as well as durability.
Comar 7Pi offers a variety of thresholds to comply with the latest building regulations and the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).
An extensive range of door styles with sight lines ranging from 28mm to 110mm and rail styles from 10mm to 200mm and can be internally or externally beaded up to 40mm.
These profile options allow construction of combined single leaf doors up to 1200mm wide and 2300mm high.
Larger configurations such as vehicle access sliding doors are available.

Window Walling – COMAR 9Pi

Comar 9Pi high performance framing offers two options of construction: ladder frame or mitre frame. 9Pi windows and 9Pi doors hang directly from the frame, reducing the need for additional outer frames, creating a truly integrated solution.
Comar 9Pi has profile widths of 80mm or 120mm, creating greater design flexibility. There are three levels of thermal performance: Standard Pi, Enhanced Pi and Thermal Foam, creating U-values between 1.6-1.0 w/m2K for a typical grid size with opening vents.
Comar 9Pi has slim 65mm sight lines to ensure architecturally demanding aesthetics are achieved.

NEW Passivhaus Comar 10 Window

CB Solutions now offer the new innovative Comar 10 product.
The Comar 10 window range includes:
Inward opening tilt & turn, fixed lights internally beaded and glazed.
U-values – 0.66 W/m2K
Certified by Passivhaus Institute for cool temperature areas
Future-proof & energy saving
90mm deep outer frames
Minimal care & maintenance

Architectural Aluminium Systems (Fire Rated)

Aluminium windows and doors

Aluprof fire rated architectural aluminium systems provides an extensive range of solutions for protection of “fire zones” within buildings, and help to secure evacuation routes. Our fire rated product range includes doors, external windows, internal partitioning and high-rise curtain walling system. These can be complemented by slope glazing and roof light options.
Depending on requirements, applications can achieve differing levels of performance in terms of fire rating, starting from EI30 to EI120 for vertical screens, and REI30/RE30 for roof glazing. Additionally fire rated doors can be fitted with enhanced elements to provide smoke proof performance.
The Aluprof MB-78EI fire partition system is characterised by both tightness and the fire insulation properties.
The system includes fire resistance class of EI15, EI30, EI45 or EI60, according to the PN-B-02851-1:1997 and PN-EN 13501-2:2005 norm.
The system enables glazing with all types of fire-resistant glass panels of appropriate class (infill thickness from 8 to 49 mm). With this system, the smoke-proof structures in several production versions are also available. Tests carried out at the Building Technology Institute in Warsaw proved that the products manufactured with this system also had a very good acoustic insulation of up to 40 dB.

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